Welcome to AltspaceVR's Scenes and Screens Festival 2018! UPDATE: This show had to be pushed a few hours forward. Apologies for the delay.

Dreams In Ultraviolet by Jake Moore

Jake Moore is a digital artist working and residing in Nottingham, UK. Recent exhibitions include Future Body, The Collection, Lincoln (solo), Notes on Queerness, The Royal Standard, Liverpool (group), Performing Gender, BACKLIT, Nottingham (group). ​ ​ Computer animation, video and sound are employed to consider the inadequacy of the human form in the face of our increasingly ubiquitous technological climate. Arising from the relationship he holds with his own ailing living body, previous practice envisions a newly synthesized digital body; a labor toward a machine-like perfection in form, surface and movement. As the natural rhythm of the body becomes lost within a mechanical haze, he explores the point in which this progression becomes polluted, distorting the body into something ‘Other’.

Recent practice demonstrates a shift from the highly choreographed 'living body' inhabiting a digital space to the 'synthesized body' roaming through 3D rendered environments. Using computer animation permits him to construct controlled sites that act as safe places to explore his bodily fantasies. In this constructed space he holds absolute control over the body, from its wireframe mesh up to the way it is lit and framed by the camera. Methodically, this becomes a reconstruction of the personally experienced traumas of the body within controlled simulations that the audience are invited to be guided through.

As we drift through digital space, our movements are tracked. Our data is stored, categorized and shared, often without our knowledge or consent. In an atmosphere of increased monitoring and surveillance, with his long-term collaborator Jade Annaw, he considers invisibility and unaccountability as tactics for resistance; active positions that permit an imperceptible navigation of digital space. Exploring notions of new-age narcissism, social media hype and the digital self, they consider the impact that the immersive virtual has on our perception of reality. This engagement is disrupted and deconstructed frequently and sometimes violently; denying the expectation of viewing-pleasure and fracturing the faith held in the digital façade.

Within recent research, digital world-building becomes a tool to construct speculative utopias — sites that transcend all restriction in which ideas of identity can be completely reframed. The body becomes a focus in a quest for non-corporeal identity, as the recurring character of ‘The Player’ journeys onward toward a queer haven. An alternative to the heteronormativity of the lived world, these assembled sanctuaries hold immovable optimism through an offering of self-discovery and acceptance.

Whilst still centering on the body, future practice will focus the model of digital world-building to construct critical fictions that challenge wider themes of automation, digital surveillance and globalization.

The theme this year: Hyperconnect

Though this term is commonly used to describe what we consider to be intermachine communication, it can also be used to describe a state of interpersonal and human-to-machine interaction as well. Alternatively, hyperconnectivity is used as a medical term to describe a rapid firing of neurons making excessive connections within the brain. We have asked participants to consider the impact of all existing connections in our society, both organic and digital.


The Scenes and Screens Festival is an event that was created to solve the gap in physical divides by providing contemporary artists a platform to bring their work to a global audience. Our goal is to provide recognition to a variety of educators and artists through a virtual platform in which these artists may express and present their ideas. In addition, it is an opportunity for these individuals to create meaningful experiences. It is our hope that this festival will inspire those interested in the bridge between art the technology to rethink the way that social VR platforms can be used in contemporary society.

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