From Makerspaces to Virtual Spaces: How 3D Changes Everything… – #HITsm Chat Topic


Social VR event simulcast with weekly #HITsm tweetchat (HITsm stands for Health IT Social Media). More details here! Questions: T1: Did you ever make something (perhaps out of readily available household items!) that solved YOUR unique problem. How did you feel? Is there something there, about everyday people making stuff, that healthcare needs? #HITsm

T2: Have you tried out a virtual reality headset yet? Which one? What did you see? What was exciting? What was disappointing? How about augmented reality? (Lots of AR apps now on iOS) Same questions… #HITsm

T3: I’m basically an engineer who happened to go to med school. It’s how I got interested in workflow. But now I’m getting back into “mechatronics” (building robots, for example) I’m happy to share my expertise. Anyone wanna build something together? What? #HITsm

T4: What if all of us, in this Twitter chat, right now, by just pushing a button, could appear to each other, in real time, as holograms (think Star Trek or Star Wars) anywhere in the real or imaginary world, what place & setting would you chose? #HITsm

T5: What questions would you like to get answered about 3D printing and virtual/augmented reality? #HITsm