Unique Talent Day "Big Show"


What's your special talent? "Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day" was created to honor people with unusual skills and abilities. So today--we're celebrating YOURS by opening up our AltspaceVR stage for a one-of-a-kind unique talent show! Join this fun event and dazzle the community with your singing, dancing, acting, skills and talents! We'll call you up to the stage one by one to perform live or upload an IRL video of you performing, to YouTube and play it for the audience when your number's up!

It's all for fun and entertainment--no voting or judges--just lots of emoji love from fellow Altspacers! So start practicing--and join us for one amazingly UNIQUE talent show!

Rules for submitting a talent video if you can't perform in VR:

  1. Upload your IRL unique talent performance video to YouTube at least 24 hours before event. Make sure the link is public.
  2. Send an email with your Username and link to events@altvr.com
  3. Be sure you're available to introduce your video in VR between 6-8pm PT!