MUSE | Sunday Chill

Explore the many layers of your Abundance.


October 9th - Initiate Abundance Protocols

This week we visit our Zen Garden - enjoy the nature and the flowing grasses while focusing on the meditative sand pattern. Step over to the water fountain and send your deeper intentions in the water for manifestation - make a wish!

World built by Jose Ferrer

Each week we will share a short guided meditation journey with thought provoking topics for you to contemplate. We feature a soundscape from the ShapeshifterDNA collection so you can dive deeper into a sound healing journey. The intention is to help you explore, discover and awaken new levels of awareness within Self. Take the time to recenter and balance your inner and outer worlds to prepare for an amazing week ahead.

Also available on our YouTube Channel as Sunday Chill Podcast

Music: ReJuva: Light of the Grail by ShapeshifterDNA • Available on YouTube

Welcome to MUSE . . . a virtual temple dedicated to visionary explorers of consciousness. It is for those who seek altered states of awareness through deep meditation, shamanic journeys and psychedelic explorations with or without the assistance of entheogens (a psychoactive plant substance that induces alterations in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, or behavior for the purposes of enhancing your spiritual connection to Source Vibration).

We offer events, classes and concerts to enhance your knowledge and understanding of using multidimensional sounds to awaken and enhance your journey of Conscious Evolution.

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DISCLAIMER: This music is transformative in essence and can lift you towards higher states of consciousness. However this can also include some deeper dives into your lower levels of awareness. If you are uncomfortable at anytime, we suggest keeping your eyes open and move around to shift the energy.

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