Following the Breath

Sound Healing | Class 2


Join us for this 4 week series of Sound Healing classes. This series will focus on the beginning steps for learning how to dive deeper into the QSET soundscapes created by ShapeshifterDNA. JoAnn Shivanti, the creator of the Muse channel, will be your guide and has worked with thousands of people all over the world teaching this work and is now bringing this information to share with the Vitality ReAwakened community.

Class 1 - Introduction to Sound Healing

Class 2 - Following the Breath

Class 3 - Increasing your Light Quotient

Class 4 - Becoming Sound: Dissolving into Formless State

These classes are all introductions to an on-line course called DNAvatar that teaches how to use the QSET sound healing music for self-healing, transformational therapy, meditation, shamanic journeying and advanced spiritual practices. Classes will repeat and do not have to be taken in order, however it is a good idea to start with the intro.

Sound Healing is an ancient technique of using sound as a way to connect vibrationally and energetically to your Soul Essence, which is pure vibration at the quantum level of reality. Establishing resonance through various sounds can enhance your ability to move into altered states, thereby enhancing your abilities for healing on all levels - mind, body, emotional and spiritual.

JoAnn "Shivanti" Chambers is a psychophysical therapist and shamanic sound healer who has been working with clients utilizing these soundscapes in her private practice for over 30 years. The 3rd Eye

Gary "G•Mage" Chambers, creator of QSET soundscapes, is a keyboard synthesist, composer, master sound designer and shamanic sound healer. ShapeshifterDNA

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