Caregiver Connection

Coach Turbo


Are you a caregiver full time, part time, or vocationally? Being a caregiver is stressful and in many situations, unrelenting and very isolating. There are many meetups in the Metaverse. However, this group is specifically focused on the caregiver role. So if you are a new caregiver, a long time caregiver, you support someone who is a caregiver, a former caregiver, or if caregiving is your profession, this meetup is for you! This is not a therapy meetup, although it may be therapeutic. This is not counseling, although you may hear helpful insights.This meetup will provide opportunities to hang out with people who can relate as a caregiver. Join us, you’ll be glad you did! There is strength in community. Join our discord group to make connections with other members outside of our caregiver support events:

Please view this YouTube video to learn more about Caregiver Connection.