Cognitive Systems = Humans + Machines: Equitable, Effective & Efficient? Analysis, Design & Eval of VR Systems

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Can humans and machines get along? Will we humans end up being cogs in The Machine? Will machines remain our minions? Or will machines become our true and worthy partners? What about VR-based cognitive systems? Join Sci Tech Chat regulars and NOOBs for an informal meetup in social VR during Meta Connect to chat about themes of the Design, Analysis & Evaluation of Human-Machine Systems conference (at San Jose State University in California):

"The role of the human is important in a wide range of applications in the domains of intelligent and autonomous systems, autonomous driving, urban air mobility, robotics, virtual reality, and healthcare, requiring advanced solutions for efficient and safe human-machine interaction."


  • Design, analysis, and Evaluation of Human-Machine Systems (Cognitive walkthrough, risk assessment, accident analysis, field or laboratory experiments, usability testing)
  • Human Interaction with Artificial-Intelligence Systems
  • Human-Machine Teaming
  • Human-Machine Interfaces (Displays, auditory interfaces)
  • Extended Reality (Virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality)
  • Human Performance Aspects of Human-Machine Systems (Decision making, cognitive processes, human operator modeling)
  • Ethics of Human-Machine Systems
  • Application Domains of Human-Machine Systems (Space, aviation, automotive, healthcare, military)
  • Human-Machine System Aspects of Computer Systems, Networks and Cybersecurity

Our informal online meetup in social virtual reality chatting about VR-based cognitive systems is in no way affiliated with IFAC or Meta Connect, but we hope you'll attend both and share what your thoughts. BTY, many thanks to Sci Tech Chat regular Doug Hohulin for suggesting it for a Sci Tech Chat meetup.

Cognitive Technologies: The Design of Joint Human Machine Cognitive Systems (1986, one of my first exposures to these ideas)

Fundamentals of Joint Cognitive Systems (Youtube, video, 1:52 hrs:mins long)

A month before Meta Connect!

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