Computer Graphics For Dummies Hosted By Dummy: A Look Back At SIGGRAPH 2022 In Vancouver, Canada

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Our 3rd year covering SIGGRAPH in social VR, SIGGRAPH (which will have taken place August 8-11) is the premier conference for a) computer graphics and b) interactive techniques. VR relies on both. Every year SIGGRAPH features more-and-more VR presentations, workshops, and areas. This year SIGGRAPH even features a happy VR user -- large, centered, and at top -- of its home page. "The Metaverse" is everywhere, including SIGGRAPH! SIGGRAPH 2022 is in Vancouver and so are we, via the magic of 360 photos and 3D topographic maps. Sci Tech Chat regulars and NOOBs will informally gather over Vancouver to chat about graphics, interaction, and VR surrounded by Vancouver's Stanley Park, Granville Island, North Vancouver, False Creek, English Bay, and Kitsilano Beach. And I, frequent visitor to one of only two large international cities site where a mountain range meets an ocean (the other being Cape Town), will regal you with stories about my vacations in V-town. Just kidding. (Unless you really want to hear that stuff.) We'll talk about computer graphics and VR... Our informal online meetup in social VR is unaffiliated with SIGGRAPH but we hope you will attend both and share what you learn and experience.


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