Microsoft Ignite Sci Tech Chat Meetup: Building the Metaverse is Not the Best Way to Get to the Metaverse


"if you die in the metaverse, you die in real life" (recent popular tweet) If you're reading this, you're likely already a believer an impending "Metaverse" whatever the hell that is (and opinions are indeed all over the place). Not a single Microsoft Ignite mentions "metaverse" and yet, to me, AltspaceVR (owned by Microsoft) has already become my proto/nascent/emergent/embryonic metaverse. Please join Sci Tech Chat regulars and NOOBs as we noodle the very idea of a metaverse (maybe everyone's metaverse will be uniquely different) and how we get there (maybe intentionally attempting to create "the" metaverse is precisely the wrong way summon "the" metaverse into existance). Our informal Sci Tech Chat online meetup in social virtual reality is unaffiliated with Microsoft Ignite, but we hope you'll attend both and share what you learn and experience!

Empower everyone for a new world of hybrid work (Microsoft Ignite track, includes: Optimizing Microsoft Teams for Hybrid Work - Conversations in AltspaceVR)

John Carmack issues some words of warning for Meta and its metaverse plans Carmack: "I have pretty good reasons to believe that setting out to build the metaverse is not actually the best way to wind up with the metaverse."

Journeying into the 'metaverse'. Facebook founder envisions virtual reality as the next big thing

The Metaverse Was Lame Even Before Facebook - The Atlantic

Facebook wants to build a metaverse. Microsoft is creating something even more ambitious

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