I’m Writing A Book About Social VR & AltspaceVR? Should I? What Should I Say About What? Sci & Tech Chat 2021-10-28


I've been asked to consider writing a book about social virtual reality! Since most of what I know about social VR comes from building 100s of AltspaceVR worlds and hosting over a 100 events based on those worlds, in my mind such a book is really about AltspaceVR and you, my fellow AlspaceVR friends and colleagues. Please come to help me decide whether and how to proceed!

Sci Tech Chat (Science & Technology Chat) in Social VR is a weekly meetup in social virtual reality to chat about science and technology in the recent news. Via amazing 360 aerial drone photography we will float over amazing landmarks, cities, and natural wonders. From amazing progress in medical science to whimsical drill-downs into potato science and pizza tech, from how do batteries work to the latest archaeological discoveries, from climbing Mount Everest in VR while chatting about climbing tech to floating around inside the International Space Station, meet like-minded people and greet old friends while discussing our infinitely fascinatingly complex science and technology-based civilization! Subscribe to Sci Tech Chat to find out about all of the online social virtual reality events hosted by Chuck Webster, MD, MS (AI), MS (Industrial Engineering), @wareflo on Twitter. Follow me there and let me know you are an Altspacer, and I WILL follow you back! PS Yes! Sci Tech Chat did indeed used to be Health Systems Chat. At 141 events I calculated about 60% were not specifically healthcare related, so I changed the name. I kept the https://account.altvr.com/channels/healthcare URL so as to not break previously posted links. However the more easily remembered short link j.mp/scitechchat also works...

Recording Disclaimer: By entering this event, you hereby irrevocably grant AltspaceVR and Microsoft and its affiliates, agents, and licensees, the right, but not the obligation, to photograph and record your avatar, likeness, voice, and/or username and to own, license, assign, and use the same (or any portion) in the production, exhibition, and promotion of the event, AltspaceVR or other Microsoft products and services without compensation, in any media and on any platform now known or hereafter devised (including the Internet) throughout the universe in perpetuity.  You waive the right to bring action of any kind in law or equity against Microsoft.
If you wish to not be recorded, simply leave the event. (But we hope you’ll stay!)