The Carnival of Curiosities


As the autumn air turns crisp, and the night howls with eerie stillness, every now and again, a vacant plot of land will mysteriously become a playground of fantastical anomalies and ominous oddities.

Will you take in the lights and sounds and game booths and rides and trick your brain into smelling the faint hint of funnel cakes, or will you get lost in the corn maze, letting your mind fall pray to the shadows and lore of the haunted grounds.

Take your friends to ride the Ferris wheel to the top to see everything the VRF Carnival of Curiosities has to offer, and tour our Gourdgeous Gala and find all the amazing jack-o-lanterns that you Altspacers helped decorate. However you spend your time, make it count because legend has it that by late Sunday afternoon, all that will be left behind are memories….