Robots & Augmented/Virtual Reality at CES 2022!

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Do you love robots as much as I love robots? I even like evil robots trying to take down the human race. I built a robot (@MrRIMP on Twitter, check our pinned interview). So when I heard about Amazon's household robot Astro I immediately requested an invite to purchase one. This, despite considerable snark about inability to do dishes or change diapers, plus concerns about introducing yet more surveillance capitalism into our personal lives. I have more immediate problems to solve, like keep tabs on my increasingly forgetful & confused 91 year-old mom, who we are trying to keep in her beloved home. And Astro may be ideal for this. So join us during CES 2022 to talk about household robots! As usual Sci Tech Chat regulars & NOOBs will meet in an virtual online custom 3D world! Our informal online meetup is unaffiliated with CES 2022, but we hope you'll attend both and share what you learn and experience.

Robotics at CES 2022

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