AI & PI - Two Workshops

National Stereoscopic Association Convention for 3D Photography


Two different workshops:

1 - Artificial Intelligence and 3D

Many modern developments in AI deal with the 3rd dimension, from self-driving cars that perceive and navigate their environments in 3D, to programs that can build 3D models of scenes simply by analyzing 2D videos of them. Though some of these AIs are only accessible to researchers and tech companies, some AI applications like upscaling images or colorizing black and white photos are immediately useful and available to all. This workshop will show you how to use AIs of special interest to stereographers, via the free tool Google Colab, to do things like: create depth maps and stereopairs from single images, change the depth of stereopairs, and create videos and stereovideos.

Presented by Gordon Au

2 - Raspberry Pi Webcams for 3D

This workshop will delve into the fascinating world of tabletop photography using Raspberry Pi and USB cameras. We'll discuss the benefits of using USB cameras, how to set camera and exposure settings, focus bracketing, and step motor driven base bracketing. A supplementary gallery will be available to view stereo images created using this process, featuring collectibles from the seventies TV series Captain Scarlet.

Presented by Dr. Guenter Pomaska

3D-Con ( is the annual convention of the National Stereoscopic Association (NSA). It is for photographers and collectors of stereo (3D) images and anyone interested in 3D imaging including 3D movies and Virtual Reality. It will be held August 12-15, 2021

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