DOT Model: Leadership and Black and White Thinking

Learning conflict resiliency in bite sized pieces

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How is understanding black/white thinking important when practicing leadership?

In this conversation, we will learn about how we are triggered into black and white thinking (creating simplistic categories to cope with overwhelm) and how this shows up in relationships (especially when we don't know we are leaders).

What do we need to do to be our most conscious and vital selves as Humans on Purpose in VR?

Each week we'll explore one aspect of the Deepen, Orient, Transform (DOT) Model and understand how it helps and hinders the ways we conflict and connect with others. For more information, check out

What is Human on Purpose (HOP) VR? This is a weekly gathering with Ruth Diaz, a conflict resiliency and leadership trainer, where we practice being on purpose in Virtual Reality as humans. Together we will ask questions and share stories on what we are all doing here and what we want to do more meaningfully as a human community.

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