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Welcome to X-TALKS! Every second Thursday of the month we invite you to an international meet-up in our virtual venue AREA X.

Not only do we have speakers who share their experiences around new, immersive forms of storytelling with us. You also get the opportunity to meet new people and exchange ideas around our campfire.


Thursday, August 12, 2021, from 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM (CET) Topic: Business Networking in VR Speaker: Roberto DaCosta, Owner of CONINVR

Topic Description:

Small and mid-sized businesses are the life and blood of this world’s economy. Business networking is how we in business grow and succeed. We believe that VR Networking has the capability of transforming all businesses and reducing the rate of business failure by 25 percent. Our goal is to help you see why networking is important and learn how to network effectively to not only do well at your business but truly thrive in it.

About the Speaker:

"As an entrepreneur, I have learned that authentic connections and consistent networking are key components to business success. I always talked about how word of mouth and relationships were so critical, but little did I know that today, I’d be parlaying my enthusiasm for networking into a virtual reality business. My goal is to grow a networking group and curate business events for people from all over the world, and in every language. We are upping the ante by bringing public speakers and educational content into the networking events. I stand for democratizing business on a global level, for connecting people to opportunity, and for free business networking. I am building a community of fellowship, not fellowship, where business people show up in the spirit of generous collaboration." (Roberto DaCosta)

Learn more about CONINVR at https://coninvr.com/

This event is hosted by the agency vm-people. Learn more about us at www.vm-people.de

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