Living in this virtual reality, we have the opportunity to create worlds and situations that are only limited by our teams imagination. With that comes a lot of wistfully thinking about the possibilities and wishing we could recreate certain things we maybe didn’t have as much control over in our real lives. So with no high school budget to speak of, VRF wants to throw Altspace the all-ages PROM of our dreams!

Join us for this luxuriously formal affair in our newly constructed banquet hall! While dancing the night away to our nostalgic early 00s playlist with your dates or groups of friends, we will also be crowning 2 Altspacers! Will you be one of our Prom Kings or Queens?! Of course all Non-binary Royalty welcome to come slay the title ;)

We may not be able to physically spike the punch bowls but we are prepared to ‘Cha Cha Real Smooth’ til the mornin comes!