Ecliptic Techno club


Are you ready to rave ? #techno This Saturday we are going to have an exclusive international line up for ecliptic featuring:


Welcome to hardness grade 1,000 of electronic music, Welcome to the world of the master with the big club: Sebastian Groth. The DJ and producer is among other things label owner of label like ReWashed, Audition and the 2017 ne established ReWasted , One of the primary parties for rough Techno, In his sets, he skillfully floats back and forth between humorous intros with crazy vocals from old movies and brutal music on the edge of madness. It is this penchant for a DJ as a true entertainer with direct contact to the crowd, a smile on his face and a slightly ironic attitude to his own action that characterizes Sebastian. As a remixer and producer, the native Hachenburger (Westerwald/Germany) has made a name for himself as a workaholic since his first own release in 2008. Innumerable releases on Kombination Research, Industrial Strength, Italo Business, Naked Lunch, Elektrax, Construct Rhythm, TK - Rec, Masters of Disaster and many more as well as remixes for artists like Niereich, A. Paul, Dave the Drummer, Dandi & Ugo, Angy Kore, or Frank Kvitta read like a who's who of the major league. And so it is no surprise that he made it to #1 at the Faze Magazin Award "Best Producer 2016" as well as 2nd place for "Best Album", "Best Remix" and Top 10 rankings in all other categories! But everything began much shallower when Sebastian hit the Beatport Top 5 All Over with his very first relase and house legend George Morel became aware of him and signed him. The result was a remix of the 1993 Techno & House All Time Classic "Let's Groove" by George Morel. Since then, much has changed in his life, but one thing has remained: Sebastian's heart beats 130 BPM and faster.


Marco Ramos is a Portuguese bohemian DJ/producer, art, music and nightlife lover, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His excellent mixing technique and musical sensibility, allows him to easily adapt to the reality of the dance floors, leaving at the same time its own trademark. His distinctive mixing style and eclectic sets make him a very versatile DJ mixing from house, techno to electro. Whenever he is around one thing is always guaranteed, the party is ON!