Loneliness on the Rise: Discussion

Educators in VR vCoaching & Personal Development Team


Loneliness is on the rise. Join us for a discussion on the issues and challenge of loneliness, and how to overcome its influences.

Some of the causes are:

  • A lack of social support and infrequent meaningful social interactions
  • Negative feelings about one’s personal relationships
  • Poor physical and mental health
  • A lack of “balance” in one’s daily activities – doing too much or too little of any given thing (e.g., sleep, work)

Loneliness has been on the rise especially since the corona crises. What can we do about it?!

This is an open discussion not a therapy session.

Loneliness in the Workplace:

  • Lonely workers say they are less engaged, less productive, and report lower retention rates.
  • They are twice as likely to miss a day of work due to illness and five times more likely to miss work due to stress.
  • 12 percent of lonely workers say they believe their work is lower quality than it should be.
  • Lonely workers say they think about quitting their job more than twice as often as non-lonely workers.
  • Remote workers are more likely than non-remote workers to always or sometimes feel alone.


Dana-Maria aka CaptainVR is the Team Leader of the Educators in VR vCoaching and Personal Development team, and she brings her evangelism in using virtual reality for coaching, training, and therapy applications to help people "captain their own lives." The research and application of virtual reality is a powerful tool for helping people to confront fears, build life skills, reduce stress and boost immune systems, and become more effective in their professional lives and work.

This is an open discussion not a therapy session.

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