Celebrating Clippy, World’s Most Hated Virtual Assistent: Lessons For VR? (During Conference On Intelligent User Interfaces)

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Imagine if, every time you entered social VR and then everywhere you went, you were followed about by a cheerful but incredibly clueless avatar in the shape of a paperclip. And every time you tried to do something, say teleport, Clippy would say the same thing, "It looks like you're trying to teleport, would you like help?" And, if you are female, Clippy appears to be leering at you! Well, Clippy existed, as a virtual assistant for Microsoft Office. And it (he?) was almost universally loathed. Time magazine even featured Clippy as one of the “Worst Inventions of All Time.” If you Google lessons+from+Clippy you'll find literally 100s of analyses of what we can learn from what Clippy got wrong. Since Clippy was a virtual assistant, and many folks are working on virtual assistants for virtual reality, what can we, in social VR, learn from Clippy? Come discuss in The Temple of Clippy (imagine Mount Olympus, vast temples & palaces, but with Clippy instead of Zeus), during the 26th Annual Conference On Intelligent User Interfaces (with which our informal meetup is unaffiliated, but we hope you attend and report back!).


Investigating User Experience with VR-Based Intelligent User Interfaces

Intelligent User Interfaces [to improve Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications]

ISMAR 2015 Tutorial on Intelligent User Interfaces

Investigating a Virtual Reality-based Emergency Response Scenario and Intelligent User Interface for First Responders

Lessons from Clippy (Google search)

Putting Humans in the Natural Language Processing Loop: A Survey


A.I. in V.R. and A.R. ; Bots and Virtual Assistants

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