Families In VR - This Time In The Kitchen

Students in VR


Students in VR presents Families in VR. This week we will be hosting virtual cooking and storytelling with the families of our students. You are invited this week to learn about fried chicken and chocolate chip cookies with Kayla Jumper.

The Jumper family is from Oaks, Oklahoma. They are Cherokee tribal members and live in an intergenerational household. January Jumper and her daughter, Kayla, both attended Oaks High School and Kayla hosts the Students in VR weekly events.

Students in VR is an Educators in VR project whose mission is to provide education, leadership, research, collaboration, and networking opportunities to students of all ages from primary, secondary, and graduate studies and beyond.

A fundamental shift is occurring in education. Once a top-down static practice of information transfer, learning is now about the dynamic act of knowledge creation. Students are not just content consumers but also content contributors and content creators.

Students in VR is an organization that supports, highlights and connects students who use spatial computing to create the lessons, environments and worlds in which they live and learn. Emerging technologies have finally caught up with the creativity and genius of youth. We are here to support that creativity and genius through the Student in VR international conferences and chapters.

Students in VR: Students in VR Website is a student-led and produced project from Educators in VR presenting meetups, workshops, and conferences for and with students across multiple VR platforms.

*The first Students in VR conference was in May 2020, bringing together students from around the world to produce and present at the innovative conference. Students in VR will host their second VR conference on October 29th + 30th, 2020.


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