BRCvr: Film Maker/Content Creator Meet and Greet #123 featuring Disappear here Film Festival


Join us as we celebrate star Jeff Lynn we watch and discuss his accomplishments. Disappear Here is a Film Festival based in Ireland. This increasingly popular 3-day physical event has been steadily making a name for itself on the international film festival circuit over the last four years and it seems the organisers weren’t going to let the inconvenience of a world-wide pandemic interfere with their plans to bring an impressive array of new films to their loyal audience in Ireland, and now across the world.

Festival Director Michael McLaughlin talks us through this year’s event. “The pandemic has been devastating for the film industry, particularly in production, for actors and crew etc. While it is now starting to creep back into action, festivals like ours have relied on the presence of an audience to witness this work on the big screen. Life is constantly throwing us curveballs and we simply have had to adapt. Human beings are great at that!

“Our team at the festival believe strongly in the value of culture and creativity, and we see our event as an important culture component, and as a continuing platform for filmmakers. We had to pull our physical event in September with less than 24 hours notice, due to Covid-19 restrictions, and we’ve spent the last few weeks trying to source a virtual partner to bring our programme to our audience in an on-line space. Here we are now in Alt Space with you, our virtual audience!