Eye Tracking in VR Use Cases

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Introduction to main concepts of eye-tracking and relevance for capturing information about user behavior in VR in the field of educational technology. We will be presenting one of the approaches to detect gaze behavior in certain areas of interest in the 3D environment and two eye tracking use cases.


Jorge Bacca-Acosta is an associate professor at the Konrad Lorenz University in Colombia. He holds a Ph.D. in Technology from the University of Girona (Spain), and a Master's degree in Industrial Informatics from the same University. He has been working in the field of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in education for 8 years. His research interests are AR and VR for educational purposes and eye-tracking in VR.

Julian Tejada graduated in Psychology (2002) from the National University of Colombia and Ph.D. in Psychobiology from University of São Paulo (2010). He has done Post-doctoral research stays in University of São Paulo (2011-13) and Fundación Universitaria Konrad Lorenz in Bogotá (2019). He is a professor of psychology at the Federal University of Sergipe. He has worked with computational neuroscience, computational simulation, and assisted computer tasks to study emotions.

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