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Tonight we are going to show you the legendary 2-hour long concert of Pink Floyd live in Berlin in 1990, playing their album The Wall with lots of other artists joining them, from beginning to end. I planned to host this concert-watch later but I think it is a perfect concert to end the year 2020 and it's a logical next step from last week's event we had with Live in Venice 1989. Enjoy and happy new year!

The Wall - Live in Berlin was a live concert by Roger Waters and numerous guest artists of the Pink Floyd studio album The Wall, largely written by Waters during his time with the band. The show was held in Berlin on 21 July 1990, to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall eight months earlier.

Artists that play along:

Scorpions Ute Lemper Cyndi Lauper Sinead O'Conner The Hooters Joni Mitchell Bryan Adams Jerry Hall Paul Carrack The Band Van Morrison Marianne Faithfull Tim Curry James Galway Albert Finney Thomas Dolby

Host: SonnyEverywhere


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