VR/AR & The Mobile Game Connection: Pokémon Invade Tokyo!


Mobile is the most popular gaming platform. During just one week in March of the COVID-19 lockdown, users downloaded over 1.2 billion games, dwarfing VR game downloads by many factors. And yet, VR, especially social VR, is also taking off. What are synergies between mobile games (typically played on phones, tablets, PDAs, and mobile consoles) and social VR? What is the current state of the mobile, pocket, casual, and hyper-casual gaming industry? What are the meanings of those words anyway? Will we play easy-to-learn & easy-to-play games in VR as much as we play them outside VR? How? While waiting around to meet friends in social VR, will our avatar whip out a virtual device to kill a couple minutes playing Tetris? Will we go Pokemon Go hunting in the Metaverse? Will we play Candy Crush out of the corner of our eye via our soon-to-exist augmented reality glasses while grocery shopping? Join us in a social VR-based, Pokemon-infested Toyko to speculate about the future of pocket games during PG Connects, the world's largest pocket gaming industry virtual conference.

This informal online meetup in social VR is not affiliated with PG Connects, but we hope you attend and report back!

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Pokémon Go wants to make 3D scans of the whole world for 'planet-scale augmented reality experiences'. Is that good? https://theconversation.com/pokemon-go-wants-to-make-3d-scans-of-the-whole-world-for-planet-scale-augmented-reality-experiences-is-that-good-140636

Niantic eyes lead role in AR ‘gold rush’ https://www.ft.com/content/76a8ae4c-75b6-11ea-90ce-5fb6c07a27f2

Check out Pokemon in VR! https://sidequestvr.com/app/536/pokmon-vr


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