Ugly Holiday Sweater Party - Siciliana Trevino - Advent Calendar Guest #14


Our special VR Advent Calendar guest today is SICILIANA TREVINO, AR/VR creator, Cofounder of ARVR Women and Allies, and host of the Zero to Start podcast for beginner VR developers. Come share a special moment of festive joy in #GetSocial's new magical Winter Wonderland. 

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Welcome to our Winter Wonderland Festive Experience in AltspaceVR! Come share a special moment of festive joy with friends & family from December 1st to January 15th. Brought to you by the Get Social Network. See all we have planned for you this year on our website and calendar of events!


Siciliana is the Chief Transportation Officer of Aesthetic Mobile Division, the vaporwave themed 3-decker DeLorean art car she made with Unity, parked at the far reaches of digital Deep Playa, BRCvr - where visitors can swim in a pool with dolphins, sip Andy’s Paradise Champagne Cocktail, light fireworks and depart to top destinations across Altspace. Responding to how VR offers solace and escape during a global crisis, she built her first Altspace world this spring. 1000 Names of the Divine Mother is a memorial dedicated to Covid victims, all essential workers and front line responders. Sit by the fire as the sacred meditation of Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam, chanted by Amma Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, the Hugging Saint, resounds across the flower scape.In collaboration with ARVR Women and Allies and Oculus, Siciliana hosts the Zero to Start podcast series about Unity VR development for beginners, featuring spotlight guest conversations with industry leaders and creators and their insights about working in spatial computing. Listen and subscribe on Apple podcasts, Spotify and more.

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