Magnets & Motors! Attractive & Revolutionary, They Make Our World Go Round!

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When I was a kid I took a lot of stuff apart and I always kept the magnets, until I had a box full. I conducted experiments, magnetizing stuff, making compasses, and creating sculptures of paper clips. Then I sent electricity through coils of wire to create temporary magnets on command, for such things as homemade speakers and even a foot-high motor made from giant paper clips powered by a 12-volt car battery (like the one in the Youtube video below, but twice as big). Oh did its sparks fly! But I digress, this informal online meetup in social virtual reality during MAGNETICS 2021 and Motor & Drive Systems 2021 will explore the past and future of magnets and motors floating above the site of the very first electric motor, Wall Street in Manhattan. Go figure... it was used to run the printing press for a newsletter called The Electro-Magnet and Mechanics Intelligencer (~1840). And its inventor was Thomas Davenport, a self-educated blacksmith from Vermont. Thomas Edison himself used Davenport's motors, to generate electricity for his lightbulb experiments! When spun in reverse, Davenport's motors generated electricity, called dynamos today. So join other citizens of the metaverse among 3D models of magnets and motors to chat about magnets and motors... I literally cannot think of anything more attractive or revolutionary! (I hope you see what I did there...)


Motor & Drive Systems 2021

The Blacksmith's Motor Electricity, Magnetism, and Motion: A Self-Taught Vermonter Pointed the Direction for Lighting the World

This informal online meetup in social virtual reality is unaffiliated with MAGNETICS 2021 or Motor & Drive Systems 2021.

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