Climate Change & Carbon: Can Captured "Stardust" Save Our Planet?

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You and I and all of life are made from carbon, the stuff of stardust (basis for the song, "We Are All Made of Stars"). Carbon is both fascinating and frustrating. Arranged one way, carbon is one of the softest substances (graphite) known to humanity, arranged another way, it is also one of the hardest (diamonds)! Carbon can bond with up to four atoms, including itself, and so is ubiquitous, in life, and, unfortunately, our atmosphere, where it contributes to climate change. Carbon bonds easily with many elements but then is remarkably stable, making it difficult to capture and remove. Learn about how scientists and engineers are trying to remove carbon from our air and prevent it from getting there in the first place, inside a giant nanotube made of carbon!

CCUS 2020: Delivering Clean & Sustainable Growth

Facts About Carbon

CO2 adsorption by graphite

Carbon Capture Journal

Converting CO2 to nanotubes

Are We Really All Made of Stars?

Fundamentals point to carbon capture

HYDROGEN STRATEGY Enabling A Low-Carbon Economy

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