Panel: Strong Women in Technology

Students in VR


Women in various tech roles will discuss their experiences about technology and how the tech industry can benefit from their unique perspectives. They will discuss what motivates them, what edifies them and what others can do to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.

Erica Siegal, PandaNEST is a therapist and founder of NEST, Network of Emotional Support Teams, specializing in harm reduction training, prevention, and consulting to organizations and individuals with direct and indirect experiences of trauma and prevention. As a harm reduction provider, Erica offers services and trainings that address the most common and the most serious issues that impact organizations and teams, including assault, harassment, sexual assault, interpersonal conflict, altered states & substance use, staff burnout & compassion fatigue, communicating consent & boundaries through preparedness training, crisis response, informed consent training, staff wellness education, compassionate leadership training, and mediation and peer-to-peer support.

Keisha Howard is a Brand Engagement Executive & Content Strategist with expertise in Digital Engagement Strategy, Influencer Marketing Leadership, & Content Creation/Development; leading high‐impact, technologically progressive projects for emerging technology products within Hi-tech hardware, AR/VR (Augmented Reality)/ Virtual Reality), Video Games, & Esports industries. Experience in commercial/ private real estate project management. Academic knowledge (i.e. communications, psychology) used to understand influencers in consumer behavior, identifying business opportunities and marketing products based on consumer insights; meeting objectives of building

Juliana Loh is a veteran visual storyteller with 15+ years experience imagining meaningful & playful scenarios in fine art installations and interactive digital landscapes. She has designed courses that help students to understand the world of UX/UI and monetization techniques in general gaming. The first half of her curriculum focuses on critical thinking, story design, research and user testing while the second half concentrates on art direction and design integration. She has earned a reputation as a dedicated instructor who meets each student's unique talents, condition and personality with individualized attention.

Throughout Sonya Haskins experience as a professional player, Sonya saw a need for increased media coverage of VR-related topics so she began using her professional skills as a writer and speaker to promote players, developers, and others involved with the industry Sonya Haskins "Hasko7" is a respected journalist in the field of VR esports. She was the first female player to qualify for the VR League North American Regional Championships, as well as the first seated player in the league. Sonya is the VR Esports Editor at VR Fitness Insider and founder of VR Community Builders. She has 5 grown children, has written 8 books and lives in Southeast TN.

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