Cultural Preservation and Revitalization

Students in VR


Cherokee Nation citizens Andrew and Chloe Dayton describe their efforts to preserve and revitalize the Cherokee culture through the use of technology. Andrew directs the SevenStar Spatial Lab which hosts an edge network that supports volumetric scanning of artifacts among other endeavors. Chloe teaches Cherokee language through the use of VR.

The American Indian Resource Center (AIRC) works within Cherokee Nation boundaries to incorporate emerging technologies into schools. The AIRC also provides Virtual Reality instructional content that relates directly to Oklahoma State Standards by grade level. The AIRC has provided equipment and training to schools, teachers, and administrators as well as developing relationships within the global emerging tech industry.

Andrew and Chloe Dayton are Cherokee Nation citizens and virtual reality scientists. Andrew Dayton is the Director of Spatial Computing and Tech Initiatives for the American Indian Resource Center and runs an interconnected network of emerging tech work centers situated directly within native communities. The American Indian Resource Center has been working with American Indian youth within the Cherokee Nation boundaries for over 30 years. They operate the SevenStar Experiential Learning Center with an onsite facility offering STEM learning camps using Indigenous Knowledge Systems. Indigenous Knowledge Systems are empirical, embodied ways of producing knowledge and of being in the world that guide everyday collaborative life between living and nonliving things in many Indigenous communities.

Andrew Dayton is a PhD candidate in Developmental Psychology at the University of California Santa Cruz. His research examines cultural differences in collaborative micro-behavior in everyday learning contexts, especially involving Indigenous and Indigenous heritage families. His work is focused on the analysis of naturalistic video data in terms of mutual engagement and interactional synchrony. He is an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation. As Director of the Sevenstar Spatial Network, Andrew is assisting the AIRC in building an interconnected network of community and industry emerging technology work centers that communities will utilize to provide a pathway to economic revitalization and sustainability. The Sevenstar Spatial Network is a dedicated, server-based network of fiber-connected computers equipped and staffed to offer virtual reality and advanced scanning and rendering technologies to collaborative groups situated directly within Northeastern Oklahoma a homes and communities as well as within community schools. We partner with industry to connect job readiness initiatives to virtual training for specialized skills needed by key regional and global employers.

Andrew's daughter, Chloe, can read and write in the Cherokee language. She likes to use virtual reality to teach the Cherokee language. She works with her father to help preserve and revitalize the Cherokee language.

Students in VR: Students in VR Website is a student-led and produced project from Educators in VR presenting meetups, workshops, and conferences for and with students across multiple VR platforms.

The first Students in VR conference was in May 2020, bringing together students from around the world to produce and present at the innovative conference. Students in VR will be participating in the upcoming YOUNGA student take-over of the United Nations in November.


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