I believe in world peace. For this, we need role models. It is my personal mission to let Role models share their knowledge and expertise with others so that they can inspire others and get them moving. This is my way of contributing to a better world.

Fatima Akchar founder of Role Models Bureau

What we have indeed noticed from the Role Models Bureau is that many role models like to tell about their mission. An ideal way for this is public speaking / presenting.

However, role models do not always manage to reach the right audience on their own. Event organizers, on the other hand, find it difficult to find that inspiring role model. At the Rolmodellen Bureau, we have acted in recent years as a traditional speaker agency and we know the challenges of the role models and the event organizer, but also the limitations of this traditional form. In order to help more role models to a stage and to make a bigger movement together, we have chosen to modernize and make the transition to a fully online matching platform. At the Role Models Bureau we organize them on an online platform; a matching platform. By this new matching platform, we increase online visibility and findability and we take a large part of the marketing off your hands. We are going to invest in online content marketing, through podcasts, webinars, blogs that attract the event organizer to our website.

The Rolmodellen Bureau, therefore, brings supply and demand together in one place and ensures the ideal match. Towards a beautiful world.

CaptainVR for businesses, organizations & enterprises.

CaptainVR for Business hosts every two weeks on Thursday Stress management presentations, workshops, or classes in AltspaceVR for businesses, organizations & enterprises.

Learn more about CaptainVR on their website and on our CaptainVR Facebook channel. Also, we would love for you to join the conversation on CaptainVR Linkedin and on our CaptainVR Discord.

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