It's Shark Time



/\ - Ravenhall Events has been working tirelessly on a new Special Event. We're not quite ready for featuring just yet, but we'd love to have you by while we develop it.

/\ - Ravenhall Events invites you to a game show like no other! Journey with Michael Forest and the Ravenhall Events team to the bottom of the virtual sea, where — in the relative safety of the Ravenhall Aquadrome — you will have the chance to compete for unique prize kits; vote for your favorite contestants and most importantly...FEED A SHARK!

/\ - Special thanks to:

  • Ben, Shoseki, and Mr. Prime for their wonderful guidance and wizardry.

  • Nera for the wonderful seasoning, the sharks really seem to like it!

  • CCAttribution for the Blue Whale, Great Hammerhead and Manta models.