This kind of stuff only happens in your wildest dreams. Come hang with some of your favorite DeFi crew in a magical VR discotheque. Drinks will be served cold and music will be served hot.

Big thanks to DJ Illluminatty for the bops.

Event time: 5:00-7:00 pm London time


Panel-- Scalability with Layer2: How do we preserve composability and synergies? (5:00-5:45)

Live Q&A (5:45-6:00)

Mixing & mingling (6:00-end)


Fernando Martinelli

CEO & Co-founder at Balancer

Fernando is a mechatronics engineer with a masters in robotics and image processing. He also did an MBA at the Sorbonne university in Paris. Prior to creating Balancer Protocol, he founded a few startups and worked as a consultant for Bain & Company in Germany.

Ross Middleton

CFO at DeversiFi

Professional energy trader and analyst by background. Ten years working for international energy trading companies deploying fundamental-backed strategies. The past 3 years spent building out decentralised financial trading solutions and exchange tokenomics with DeversiFi. Formerly Commercial at Bitfinex and Ethfinex.

David Roon

Co-founder and CTO of OpenLaw

David Roon was an early developer on the Ethereum Java implementation and is also the creator of Java Virtual Machine-based tools to integrate into Ethereum development. Prior to joining OpenLaw, Roon created Cubefriendly, an open data database engine. David Roon is a graduate of Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

Roman Mazur

Product at Argent

Ex Microsoft, currently at Argent figuring out how to enable everyone with access to the crypto space.

Panel will be moderated by the one and only Spencer Noon!