#CES2021 ("The Most Influential Tech Event in the World") Aboard The AltspaceVR 360 Flying Tour Bus!

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VR & AR empower tourists to research and prepare, navigate and experience, and remember and reflect... before, during, and after traveling to vacation spots and far-away locations. Have you used the VR Wander app to research and prepare for a vacation? Have you seen AR used in hotels or restaurants? How about AR tour guides who popup when you point your phone at a landmark or restaurant? (BTW, my GoogleGlass has similar functionality way back in 2013!) Have you captured 360 photos and videos to share and reminisce? During CES 2021 please share what you have done and experienced, and speculate how VR and AR can reduce the hassle and increase the fun of seeing new places and returning positively changed and recharged! (Any ‪CES 2021 related topics or news are welcome too...) We will meet aboard the famous AltspaceVR 360 Flying Tour Bus! Before, during (briefly!), and after our event, feel free to visit the AltspaceVR 360 Flying Tour Bus hub world at j.mp/flying360bus.

This informal online meet-up is unaffiliated with CES.tech!

Holiday of the Future: What does the future hold for the world of travel? https://uk.prod.expediacdn.com/vc/c/holiday-of-the-future/

CES 2021: what to expect from the first all-digital CES in Januaryhttps://www.whathifi.com/news/ces-2021-what-to-expect-from-the-first-all-digital-ces-in-january

PS Check out https://sidequestvr.com/app/1519/vresorts-booking