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Educators in VR vCoaching and Personal Development Team


Dana-Maria (CaptainVR) & Caitlin Krause will give you taster about the 2-day 4-hour workshop to transform your life and work, held in AltspaceVR next week september 22 & 23.

Caitlin Krause specializes in UX design, story, and well-being in XR. She works as a story designer in digital therapeutics with a focus on interactive XR, using mindfulness, guided imagery, HCD, biofeedback, BA, and CBT. Founder of the consultancy MindWise, Caitlin launched her book Mindful by Design (Corwin Press, 2019) at the World Economic Forum and spoke about the Future of Education, Sci-Fi and Immersive Technology. Her just launched new book, Designing Wonder: Leading Transformative Experiences in Virtual Reality" by Caitlin Krause is a masterful guide on how to create VR experiences with emotional resonance and impact. She introduces a new methodology for on designing meaningful experiences in VR, filled with wonder, exploring the virtual concepts for experiences and education from *The Hero's VR Journey to Maslow Before Bloom. She has been a teacher and curriculum designer for over two decades. Through her leadership and organizational consulting, she helps individuals and teams create connection in the midst of complexity and change. She recently created a mindfulness and SEL series in social VR, fusing presence, storytelling, curiosity, and emotional intelligence. Her mission is to empower humanity through connection.*

Dana-Maria (CaptainVR) has been sailing on big traditional Sailing Vessels first as a crew member and later as a Captain and now she is helping people to become the captains of their lives and Virtual Reality is the most powerful tool to help her with her mission. That’s why she founded a tech-startup called CaptainVR! Since 10 years Dana-Maria has been working as professional coach/trainer and in 2015 she started working with VR coaching and developed her first VR coaching tool by the end of that year. CaptainVR is developing digital (health) tools to empower people, so they can practice, learn, and develop in a safe environment. One of the VR tools that CaptainVR has developed to reduce stress is the VR MoodBooster. The VR Mood Booster is helping people to relax and influence mood and behavior by stimulating the senses. This will literally give you a Boost in your Mood and behavior. Research has determined that: Before using the VR MoodBooster, various employees experienced fatigue, tension, stress, concentration problems and irritability at work. During and after the pilot all these symptoms decreased in frequency and intensity or even disappeared completely. Additionally, after taking off the VR headset, employees reported feeling happier, more cheerful, more productive, and more engaged in work. CaptainVR is helping organizations to save money on long term sick leave & is providing proven stress reduction & stress management methods in a time-efficient and cost-effective way, to create healthy, happy, and more productive employees.
Be the Captain of your Life!

This is an open discussion not a therapy session.

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