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Many people around the world do not have the possibility to learn a language from a native speaker. There are only 21 miles between England and France and yet children in northern French towns will be learning English from French native speakers and students in southern England will be learning French from English native speakers.

The aim of this new series of vLanguage events is to shed light on the positives of this - that everyone, whether a native-speaking teacher or not, has skills and tips which can be shared to ensure that we build a bigger global picture of the state of foreign language learning practices. It is also an opportunity, at the dawn of this new age of immersive learning, to reflect on techniques for the effective teaching and learning of foreign languages so that we can pool expertise to take us to new heights as the technology evolves, way beyond what is possible in the physical realm.

The series kicks off with our first country focus: Russia.

Our guests joining us for this discussion will be Julia Khukalenko, VR/AR Research Coordinator at the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, Russia. Julia is working on a number of projects relating to languages and has a background herself as an English teacher. Joining Julia will be Ekaterina Semeniuk from Moscow. Ekaterina has a background in foreign philology - the history and development of languages, a master's degree in TESOL in Australia and professional experience working as an ELICOS teacher in Sydney. Currently Ekaterina is employed as an English teacher and tutor at a private elementary school, to students between 5 and 10 years old, some of which have dyslexia.

Facilitating the conversation will be Michael McDonald, VR English Language Consultant at Gold Lotus. You can also connect with Micheal on Twitter.

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