Help Design A Tiny Satellite. (No, really! An actual, physical, working, orbiting satellite!)

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Tiny satellites, the size of a Rubik's Cube or smaller, are democratizing space. Universities, small businesses -- even high schools and makerspaces -- design so-called CubeSats and PocketQubes, getting them into orbit by hitching rides or via "tiny" rockets. These tiny satellites predict floods, measure climate change, conduct biological experiments, and venture to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Learn about what it takes to make a tiny satellite and send it spinning around our earth hundreds of miles over our heads for 25 years! After which they "deorbit" and burn up so as to not contribute to space debris. Maybe our AltspaceVR community should have its own satellite! Wouldn't it be cool to co-own an actual frickn' satellite? Maybe this is the meetup in social VR to kickstart an audacious idea! What might an ASVR satellite actually do? (There are connections between tiny satellites and VR...) Put on your thinking hat, bring a box to think outside, and prepare to brainstorm... hundreds of miles above the clouds.

SmallSat 2020 is going Virtual Admission: Free of charge

Annual PocketQube workshop

CubeSat (Wiki)

PocketQube (Wiki)

CubeSat101: Basic Concepts and Processes for First-Time CubeSat Developers

Ardusat DemoSat V4 - Solar (New 2020) $ 600.00

Climate CubeSat Co-Building Outreach Program (C3)

Simba CubeSat to swivel from Earth to sun to help track climate change

New Wave of Mini Satellites Could Boost Climate Research

A Data-Driven Approach to Cubesat Health Monitoring

Phoenix CubeSat designed by students from Arizona State University

Inner Workings: CubeSats set to tackle living systems, effects of deep space radiation

CubeSats: the Smallest Big Thing in Remote Sensing Sciences

BioSentinel: A Biological CubeSat for Deep Space Exploration

Itty-Bitty Satellites Take On Big-Time Science Missions

PyCubed: An Open-Source, Radiation-Tested CubeSat Platform Programmable Entirely in Python

What is a CubeSat & other picosatellites

How can space technologies support the efforts to combat COVID-19?

Utility and constraints of PocketQubes

PocketQube Kit v1.0 EM $10,299.00

AWS Ground Station (slides)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Platform for Satellite Data Processing

Welcome to the AMSAT® CubeSatSim Project Wiki, the CubeSat Simulator

Papers on the CubeSat Simulator

CubeSat Mission: From Design to Operation

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