The Museum of Archaeology in Social Virtual Reality: Unveiling & Tour During Festival of Archaeology!

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Join us online during the Festival of Archaeology for the unveiling and tour of The Museum of Archaeology in Social Virtual Reality! Wearing your VR headset, hike around the towering stones of Stonehenge in midwinter! Duck your head as we pass through a dolmen and descend into a barrow! Along the way, we'll discuss this year's Festival of Archaeology theme: climate and environment. The Museum of Archaeology in Social Virtual Reality is a central meeting point in a shared 3D virtual space, with portals to archaeological sites from the UK to the American Southwest to Greece and Rome itself! Some are based on detailed photogrammetric models, 3D models based on multiple photographs. Others are thoughtful 3D reconstructions. And some are even fanciful 3D ruins from popular culture, such as from movies or computer games. P.S. A dolmen is a prehistoric tomb with a large flat stone laid on upright ones. A barrow is mound of earth or stone over a burial space. Festival of Archaeology Note: Related Hubs Mozilla experience:

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