VR Nature Therapy: Using 360 Nature Videos to Lower Stress

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Description: During the first part of the Event, Anthony Chaston will discuss some of the research he has been doing in the Lab, exploring VR Nature Therapy. In general, the research involves having participants watch 360 degree nature videos in VR and measuring the potential of these videos to lower Stress. He will walk you through a couple of research studies where he has been manipulating environmental characteristics, like visual location, nature sounds, and narration, while measuring Stress and feelings of Presence. His most recent research also incorporates Guided Imagery. After the presentation, there will be some small group discussions and a question period.

Biography Anthony Chaston PhD When not in Altspace, I am a Professor in the Department of Psychology, at Mount Royal University, Calgary, Canada. My research area is Visual Perception, and more specifically, perception of spaces in VR. I teach University courses in the areas of Perception and Research Design. I am currently developing a new course for our Psychology program called: The Digital Frontier: Perception, Virtual Reality, and AI in Psychology. This course will be delivered in Altspace. I have a small working group for that project and we will be conducting research while we implement the new course. My other research involves developing and testing VR 360 videos for use in VR Nature Therapy. We are investigating the potential for nature scenes, presented in VR, to be used for stress & anxiety reduction. My PhD is in Experimental Psych.

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Team Project Leader: Evelien Ydo is a research specialist in virtual reality, exploring human factors, learning pschology, and presentation and conversational skills. She is finishing her masters of Educational Science and Technology degree with research in assessment in VR, and seeking out all researchers to connect and share their research techniques, technologies, challenges, and work together.

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