When I went to school we didn't have computers, the Internet, smartphones, or VR. But behind our house was a barn full of gizmos my science teacher uncle collected over decades. An underwater periscope, a homemade radio, a model speedboat running on alcohol, a surfboard w/an motor, a working cannon... Inspired, I built a lawnmower-powered bicycle, a giant paper clip electric motor, a gravity-driven Tic-Tac-Toe-computer, a 120V binary adder (which should have burned down the house), and more! What have you created or would like to create? How can VR help? Come talk about education and VR, AR, science, tech, engineering, math, art, medicine, entrepreneurship, and whatever you attend to suggest! PS This Health Systems Chat in SocialVR event takes place during the Georgia Ed Tech Conference where I first glimpsed of how virtual shared 3D spaces can revolutionize education.



GaETC VR/AR presentations:

Augment My Reality: An Introduction to Augmented Reality Creation Tools for Students and Teachers

You will be introduced to Augmented Reality apps that my students and I have used in class for assignments and the presentation of their projects. Bring your devices to create examples in the session.

Immersive Experiences: Using AR and VR in the Library

Augmented and Virtual Reality have never been so easy to include in your library! From CoSpaces, Google Street View, and Merge Cube to Oculus Go, the resources available help immerse our students in a new age of learning. Join me to talk AR/VR and how to implement these tools effectively.

Transform Student Presentations with Minecraft, Mixed Reality, Morph, and More!

Students can create rich, detailed structures in Minecraft: Education Edition that can then be exported as a 3D image. Using a variety of tools such as Windows 10 3D Viewer, Mixed Reality Portal, Morph and 3D features in PowerPoint, presentations can be transformed from ordinary to outstanding.

Ready Reader One: Promoting Literacy Through GPB's Virtual and Augmented Reality Learning Journeys

Join GPB on a virtual learning journey through new VR/AR enhanced social studies and STEM explorations. Participants will become familiar with GPB's active learning resources while modeling ideas for how VR/AR can aid students in mastering knowledge and skills relevant to real-world experiences.

Virtual Reality is More Than Meets The EYE

Want to bring Cybertron into your classroom? Or maybe just the Coliseum? In this session, we'll explore and share a wide variety of VR tools and discuss effective ways to use them in the classroom.

Get Real! 10 Easy Ways to Integrate & Engage your Students with Virtual Reality Today!

Dig into 10 specific strategies for using virtual reality in the classroom including activities & VR examples for each while discussing additional ideas for implementation at every level. See which types, apps & equipment are best for different learning experiences & plan your next adventure today!

Augmented Reality! Experience, Explore & Create!

This hands-on session will allow for participants to experiment with tools that can be used to augment your own classroom to create unique experiences for your students.

Unlocking the Potential of Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Hands-On with Vive! Virtual reality offers students the opportunity to step into worlds that you would never expect possible within the confines of a classroom. The immersive nature of the technology inspires curiosity, engagement, and a genuine interest in learning. Dissect a pig and draw in VR!

The View from Here: Writing for VR and AR

Participants will explore the possibilities for writing across the disciplines using Google Expeditions and Google Cardboard and learn about applications for student generated virtual reality and augmented reality content.

Making Virtual Reality a Reality in your Classroom

Virtual reality can make the impossible possible, imagine the possibilities, it could mean seeing the pyramids without taking a flight to Egypt, it could be seeing all the planets lined up next to each other; the possibilities are endless. We could witness true revolution in education.

(Yes, second presentation with same name, perhaps join?)

Making Virtual Reality a Reality in Your Classroom

Are you curious about using augmented or virtual reality in your classroom? If you've already tried it, are you looking to know how teachers integrate VR within their lessons? Learn about our Virtual Reality journey beginning with MERGE Cubes, followed by a VR session with Google Expeditions.

VR/AR for the Everyday Teacher

See how to practically implement VR and AR in your classroom. From the materials needed to curriculum related apps, you can be up and running with VR/AR lessons in no time. Engage your learners with these visually immersive learning experiences. Make VR/AR a reality in your class!

Virtual Reality Georgia: A Free Virtual Reality Resource for Teachers

Virtual Reality is fast becoming an engaging technology resource that can transport a class of students to a location where a field trip is all but impossible. Come learn about the exciting possibilities here in the state of Georgia!

VR is Visceral: Ready Player One-To-World

Come experience how VR learning creates a level of presence that generates new understandings based on an experiences impossible to replicate IRL.

GaETC STEM/STEAM/Makerspace presentations

Playful Screen-free STEM Robotics for Young Learners – Come Code with KIBO!

In this hands-on session, learn the benefits of using robotics with your young learners. We’ll share research that shows the impact of screen-free coding and robotics designed for ages 4-7. Get hands-on with KIBO and see for yourself how easy it is to engage young students to learn STEM concepts.

Ready Reader One: Promoting Literacy Through GPB's Virtual and Augmented Reality Learning Journeys

Join GPB on a virtual learning journey through new VR/AR enhanced social studies and STEM explorations. Participants will become familiar with GPB's active learning resources while modeling ideas for how VR/AR can aid students in mastering knowledge and skills relevant to real-world experiences.

Beyond the Books: Creating Meaningful Makerspaces

Makerspaces are a place where students can explore, be creative, and most importantly learn and reinforce grade level standards. In this session, we will discuss how our school Makerspace became a central hub in our school to reinforce meaningful STEM learning.

Novel Engineering: Building STEM Skills Through Literature

In Novel Engineering, students use literature as a basis for a project in which they identify problems in the book, design solutions, and then build prototypes. This hands-on session will guide participants step-by-step through the execution and effective use of NE projects in grades K-5.

STEMify Your Learning Commons: Our Experiences in the HS Library

We will discuss how we've incorporated STEM devices and learning activities into our Learning Commons programming. Through tech devices, online platforms, and the public library we explore robotics, programming, coding, circuits, personal inventions, VR and more. Whole class and small group focused.

ELA + Technology= How Does That Equal STEAM?

[no description, but sounds cool)

Media Specialist Teacher Collaboration Using Mobile MakerSpace Carts

Why not make your MakerSpace mobile? Create grade specific mobile STEAM/STEM carts that spend 7 weeks in grade level classrooms and then return to the media center for two weeks to turn it into a giant MakerSpace. Come and find out about funding, cart contents, collaboration, and application.

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