Fight Holiday Blues w/Tech! Thanksgiving Edition


For the second year in a row, let's talk about our moods during the holidays. While I love the holidays, sometimes they make me feel sad. I have wonderful childhood memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas but a lot of the people who people those memories are now gone. While we do not have children, I can imagine how stressful making those perfect memories to be can be. I can also recall several Thanksgivings and Christmases I spent alone.... I have a story about one Christmas during which a rat was my only companion, which I'll tell during this social VR event; just ask me about the Christmas Rat. So let's talk about we can use technology, to help us get through the holidays.

Technology is a two-edged sword. On one hand, I've heard read that Facebook can be depressing! Everyone else is having a more perfect Christmas than you. (Personally, I deleted my FB account long ago!) Technology in the form of planes, trains, and automobiles can transport you to loved ones. Or, away from loved ones, say to a Florida beach. I imagine, I hope, that social virtual reality can be a balm. But there are also other ways in which tech can help, from entertainment for distraction to mental health apps helping de-stress to apps to diagnose depression (which is not the same as the blues).

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Here are some readings! Please come to share some virtual eggnog, stories, and advice!

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Take a look at this short video (link below). She uses apps to help manage her stress during the holidays, and it turns out she is a therapist!

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