Disney Data & Analytics Conference: From 'Once Upon a Time' to 'Happily Ever After' w/Data!


When I think of Disney, I think of cartoons. (What's YOUR favorite Disney memory?) Why the heck is Disney holding it's 4th annual Data & Analytics conference? Well, think about it. So far this year Disney movies (Dumbo, Toy Story 4, Lion King, Alladin, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Endgame) grossed over $8 billion. They've grown to become one of the most powerful companies in the world, with a $164 billion market cap. How do they do this so consistently? Data, analytics, machine learning, computer graphics, immersive technology, and even robotics (Disney invented "animatronics"!). Let's chat in social VR, aboard a rocket-powered magic castle, carrying a 12-foot statue of a mouse!

This social virtual reality meetup is not intended to be overly technical, tho if you are a data & analytics rocket scientist, please fill us in on your work!

The Disney Data & Analytics Conference 2019 will bring together over 2000 executives, managers, and analysts representing over 250 companies and universities, plus all segments of The Walt Disney Company, including Parks & Resorts, Media Networks, Studio Entertainment, and Consumer Products & Interactive Media. Attendees represent an array of analytic disciplines including Revenue Management, Pricing, Forecasting, Marketing Analytics, CRM, Research, Technology, Data Management, and Decision Science. Join this group of analytics professionals and varied industries to:

  • Learn from Disney and Industry leaders: DDAC keynotes & sessions are led by some of the top leaders in the industry. This is your opportunity to learn from their years of real-world experience.
  • Discover emerging trends: Learn the latest trends and techniques in analytical tool development, scientific approaches, and extracting
  • Network: DDAC 2018 will bring together over 2000 professionals from over 135 industries and academia, and we’ll showcase some of our industry partners and Disney teams in the Vendor Showcase. Evening and other social events are an exciting way to engage with conference attendees and sponsors with a touch of Disney Magic!
  • Find Solutions: Identify practical solutions to complex business problems regardless of industry. You’ll leave with specific skills, best practices, and strategies you can put to work immediately. This Conference will provide you with the tools and training to integrate advanced decision-making techniques into business processes that center on the experience of your customers, clients, and guests. While the specific methods and integration may change from industry to industry, the science and techniques remain the same. We’re confident you’ll see examples of how data-based, analytical decisions work in all areas of business.

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