Healthcare, Marketing & AI: Synergies & Opportunities


This week Health Systems Chat in Social VR delves into the intersection between marketing and artificial intelligence! It coincides with the Marketing & Artificial Intelligence Conference (#MAICON19 on Twitter) in Cleveland, Ohio. One of my MS degrees is in AI. My undergraduate was in business, including several courses in marketing. And I've had one foot in health IT marketing and one foot in HIT software development for most of my career. So it should be fun! Please join us, whether you are an expert, just curious, or have an hour to kill.

"AI is going to have trillions of dollars of impact annually on businesses. It's going to transform marketing. It will make it more intelligently automated. It gives us the opportunity to create efficiencies, drive revenue, and to create greater ROI. And yet most marketers have no idea what it is. They don't understand it. They can't define it. They can't identify use cases to pilot within their organizations.... give marketers access to the knowledge, resources, and tools to understand AI, to develop the confidence to explain it within their organizations, run pilot programs, and, eventually, to scale artificial intelligence to create a competitive advantage." (Paul Roetzer, @paulroetzer on Twitter)

Through the wonders of social virtual reality, we will discuss these and other things (share greetings among Health Systems Chat regulars, virtual reality in general, etc.) while floating eerily above a foggy Cleveland downtown cityscape.


Check back to this page, I'll be posting lots of links to interesting content about marketing, AI, and marketing AI...

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And (just to be fair, I stumbled in this interesting counterpoint)...

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Next Best Action: Determine the message and medium that will resonate best with individual sales prospects, resulting in improved closing rates, increased engagement, and smoother buyer’s journeys

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