Mobile Developer Day Keynote @ GDC - Live Stream


Join us to watch the Google Mobile Developer Day keynote, live from GDC!

A full day of sessions covering tools and best practices to help build a successful mobile games business on Google Play.

Google will be focusing on game quality, effective monetization and growth strategies, and how to create, connect, and scale with Google.

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10:00AM - 11:00AM Tools and best practices to improve discovery and game quality

Keynote Hear from Google Play and Android gaming leads, as they share an overview of the mobile gaming landscape and what Google’s focused on to help game developers. Speakers: Tian Lim, VP of Product, Google Play & Frank Savage, Director Engineering, Android Gaming

Discovery & distribution on Google Play Learn about the latest improvements we’ve made to help with game discovery and distribution. We’ll cover our vision for the Google Play Store, new updates to help you reap the discovery benefits of Google Play Instant and share the latest on tools and services that will help you effectively distribute your game. Speakers: Kobi Glick, Product Manager, Google Play, Ben Frenkel, Product Manager, Google Play Instant

Using Android vitals to identify performance issues and improve app quality Join us to learn how game developers can leverage Android vitals to identify crashes and hear from Tapps Games who has used these metrics to troubleshoot issues and bolster business KPIs. Speakers: Fergus Hurley, Product Manager, Google Play, Felipe Hayashida, CMO, Tapps Games

Building the hype - effective pre launch strategies Learn about tools and best practices for running a successful prelaunch process to build buzz for your upcoming launch, as well as effective use of pre-release testing and rollout to minimize risk at launch. Speakers: Jonathan Cheung, Software Engineer, Google Play, Emily Putze, Partner Development Manager, Google Play

Lifetime valuation of games Let's dive in to the data. In this talk, you'll gain a better understanding of LTV as a metric, Google tools to help improve your game, and real examples how developers have improved LTV. Speaker: Ignacio Monereo, Partner Manager, Google Play

11:20AM - 12:20PM Building successful monetization and growth strategies

User acquisition and community building from the horse's (developer's) mouth In this intimate fireside panel, hear how indies began small with user acquisition and developing their own community, what they learned and how it contributes to their success. Speakers: Sarah Thomson, Global Partner Lead, Indie Games, Google Play, Michael Gordon, Founder and CEO, Iron Horse Games, Sam Coster, Founder, Butterscotch Shenanigans

Revenue diversification is a must, here is why As the mobile gaming market matures, innovation in monetization strategies has shifted from IAP, to the emergence of rewarded ads, to in-game subscriptions. Hear how top games developers challenged conventional mobile game design norms, and found success through revenue diversification strategies. This talk will also give an overview of the necessary tools Google Play offers to help you succeed in whichever business models you choose. Speakers: Moonlit Beshimov, Partner Development Manager, Google Play, Serena Shih, Partner Development Manager, Google Play

Growing your app business with ads Developers of all sizes need valuable and easy-to-use solutions to grow their businesses. That’s why we’ve invested in providing tools that empower you to gain a loyal fanbase and build sustainable revenue streams. This session will cover how Google’s latest growth and monetization innovations make it easier for you to find and keep high-value players. Speaker: Duke Dukellis, Director of Product Management, Mobile Apps, Google

1:20PM - 2:20PM Create, connect, and scale with Google

Achieving success in emerging markets Mobile gaming in emerging markets is growing fast, not only in terms of the number of gamers, but also monetization. In this talk, Google Play will share the latest tips and best practices to help you capture the opportunity. Speakers: Daniel Trócoli , Partner Development Manager, Google Play, Guy Charusadhirakul, Partner Development Manager, Google Play

Level-up with ARCore In this session, you'll learn about the latest improvements and capabilities we added to ARCore, Google's platform for building AR experiences. We will review how to start building scalable AR games that can reach hundreds of million of users and give you examples of how our latest technology, like Cloud Anchors, enable leading developers to add innovative AR elements to their games. Speaker: Vijay Shankar, Head of Product, ARCore

Designing voice games for Google Assistant Conversational design is growing with voice user interface platforms on the rise. Learn best practices designing voice games and features on the Google Assistant platform from a Google Game Designer. Speaker: Lisa Takehana, Game Designer, Google

Growing your game with Firebase Learn how Firebase can help power your game's growth and improve your player experience. We'll share how to create smarter segmentation using Firebase Predictions and Firebase's machine learning segmentation tool, improve reliability and performance with crash tracking and performance monitoring, and provide updates on additional features Speaker: Stewart Miles, Staff Software Engineer, Firebase

2:40PM - 3:40PM Building on Android

Bug hunting on Android Fixing bugs happening in production can be an overwhelming experience. Come learn how to use the data provided by Android Vitals and Firebase Crashlytics to spot bugs in production, understand which ones are critical, and pinpoint which code is causing it. Speaker: Damien Mabin, Developer Advocate, Google

Optimizing games for Android Learn about Android tools and technical tips to optimize your game's CPU, GPU, power, and memory usage for the best possible player experience. Speaker: Bill Bilodeau, Developer Advocate, Google

Be wary of rogue permissions You're responsible for any SDK's and libraries your game uses! Make sure that code you didn't write doesn't violate Google Play's terms of service, prevent your game from moving to 64-bit, or hurt your Android Vitals. We'll cover tips and strategies for diagnosing library problems. Speaker: Dan Galpin, Developer Advocate, Google

Extending games beyond mobile: tablets, desktop, foldables Android games are now being played on more than just mobile devices. This talk will cover considerations on expanding your audience, growing engagement and improving user experience by optimizing for large screen devices, like Chromebooks and foldables. Speaker: Ben Gable, Developer Advocate, Google

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