Calling All Makers & DIY-ers in VR! Celebrate Maker Movement & Culture During Makerfaire!


What do Do-It-Yourself (DIY), building & fixing things, makerspaces, 3D-printing, and virtual reality have in common? Three-dimensional objects! Makerspaces, and their 3D printers, make 3D objects in the real world. DIY-ers build & fix 3D/phyisical objects. Virtual reality can display models of objects from physical real world.

At a recent radiology meeting in Chicago, the same 3D models, of wounds, tumors, and proposed implants, could be viewed in either virtual (via VR headsets) or physical reality (via 3D printing). 3D printed models can be designed in virtual reality. Physical objects can be scanned and viewed in virtual reality.

What are the implications of this 3D printing / virtual reality connection? Well, for one thing, you’ll find a lot of virtual reality meetups in makerspaces (as occurs here in Columbus, at The Idea Foundary). Microsoft co-locates a “Mixed Reality” (VR + AR) space in its corporate makerspace.

But here is where I want to drive this. Makerspaces are inherently social, based on communities of peer-to-peer teaching and learning. However virtual reality has a loner stereotype, someone covering their eyes with electronics, and withdrawing from social interaction to explore, alone, fantastical, artificial landscapes.

The exception, in a big, big way, is social virtual reality.

"Makers" build stuff in the physical world and share their work with other makers, wanna-be makers and maker admirers. Social VR world builders build stuff in a virtual world and share their work with other world builders, wanna-be world builders and world admirers. Of course they remind me of each other! So, let's get together in social VR during the largest and oldest Makerfaire devoted to making stuff together!

Let's follow the, now, venerable tweetchat format! Introductions (but only if you want to), a question or theme every 10 minutes, and then a bonus question.

Introductions: Why are you here? What caught your eye? Related to our theme, what ar you up to? (But only if you wish to share!)

T1: Have you ever made something (perhaps out of readily available household items!) that solved YOUR unique problem? How did you feel?

T2: Have you ever made or adapted a 3D virtual object or world? Why? What was/is it? What do you want to create next?

T3: Who have access to a 3D printer? Who want's one? What's the coolest thing you've printed? Anyone have any questions about 3D printing? (like, where does one even start?)

T5: Since this is an @AltspaceVR Health Systems Chat in Social VR event, we need at least one health-related question or theme. Can anyone come up with one? (Example, what if patients or clinicians could make stuff, virtually or physically, what might be consequences?)

Bonus: Which is scarier? (and why?) 6) A horde of tiny horses or a single giant mouse? (from a recent #MakersHour tweetchat, occuring Wednesdays at 3PM) What 3D object, physical or virtual, might you create to explore this question?)

Imagine standing on the bed of a five-story 3D-printer during Maker Faire Bay Area! Now imagine uploading your 3D-printing files to show them off in social virtual reality! I've figured out the workflow (with the much-appreciated help of @MankindForward)! Just upload your file to Thingiverse and tweet me (@wareFLO or send me the link and I'll display it for everyone attending to admire! No 3D-prints to share? No problem! If you've ever thought of getting into 3D-printing, this is the social VR event in which to learn everything you need to know. Health Systems Chat usually focuses on healthcare (where 3D-printing has great potential), but any and all DIY maker and maker movement topics are welcome!

I've been to a bunch of Maker Faires, but not the granddaddy of them all, Maker Faire Bay Areas... Let's assuage our FOMO together! I'll tell you what I've made, am making, and planning to make, and you tell us the same!

Maker Faire Bay Area

Maker Faire New York (I've attended)

National Maker Faire (which I attended with @MrRIMP, my customizable, interactive, 3D-printable robot for pediatricians, pediatric nurses, and child life specialists to entertain sick kids, see video below for our interview!)

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