AMA Social Media

Are You Treating Social Media Like Your Résumé?


In-VR Social Media Workshop: What are you using social media for? Learn to network, build digital relationships, find work, and collaborate with industry professionals, influencers, and the media. Don't fall into the rabbit hole, be strategic and intentional in your outreach.

We'll explore: (1) Social Media Relations - Social PR, (2) Real-time engagement opportunities (micro-moments), (3) Hashtags and Market Research, (4) Groups and Lists, (5) Social Relationship Building, (6) Digital citizenship, (7) Social do's and don'ts.


About instructor:

Your friendly social media guru here in AltspaceVR! Andy Fidel is a consultant in social media relations, digital literacy instructor, and independent journalist. Virtual nomad. Andy collects hashtags on a daily basis and supports entrepreneurs in their quests for social impact. Social Media Manager @ AltspaceVR. Media Lead @ WXR Venture Fund and Immersive Education Program Coordinator @ VRScout.

Want to #GetSocial? Find me on Twitter at @AndyFidel_.