Virtual Medicine 2019


Virtual Medicine 2019 is a two-day symposium that convenes the brightest minds in immersive therapeutics. I Googled each of the keynotes and found one or two articles either by them or about them. We will discuss them, plus streamed video and social media posts.

We conducted a similar event last year for Virtual Medicine 2018, which was live streamed via 360 video! Numerous attendees watched using their VR headsets and then converged to discuss in AltspaceVR. In the short video appended below, Lisa (@lisadbudzinski), chronic pain patients, relates her experience.

In the meantime, checkout our venue, the Health Systems Chat Conference & Expo Spaceship!


Please join us!


Virtual Healing: How VR is Easing Pain, Calming Nerves, and Improving Health the Drug-Free Way


Virtual Reality Clinical Research: Promises and Challenges


The Distracted Mind: Ancient Brains in a High-Tech World

Video Games for Neuro-Cognitive Optimization


Dr. Skip Rizzo and the Rise of Medical VR Therapy

Speaking of Psychology: Improving lives through virtual reality therapy

Clinical Virtual Reality: Emerging Opportunities for Psychiatry


Implicit Learning Through Embodiment in Immersive Virtual Reality


Starlight Children’s Foundation, Disney and Google Unveil Starlight Xperience VR Program


Episode #049: Rafael Grossmann on Using AR/VR to Take Education to the Next Level


How Virtual Reality Can Help with Childbirth


VR Health Care – Towards Best Practices (AIMed Magazine)


How Virtual Visits and VR Are Set to Change Healthcare in 2018


“The Bicycle of the Mind” Harmon Clarke, VR Patient Advocate


How Virtual Reality Will Transform Medicine:Anxiety disorders, addiction, acute pain and stroke rehabilitation are just a few of the areas where VR therapy is already in use

Birckhead, Grimes, Spiegel, Stoudt, Tom Caruso,

Practical Aspects of Integrating VR into Clinical Workflows


The Virtual Reality Healthcare Revolution: How the technology is improving patient care


The Immersive VR Self: Performance, Embodiment and Presence in Immersive Virtual Reality Environments

Presentation videos from Virtual Medicine 18.

Virtual and augmented reality transforming mental health therapy

Virtual Reality’s Latest Use? Diagnosing Mental Illness | WIRED

Virtual reality therapy has real-life benefits for some mental disorders: Cheap, user-friendly hardware could help VR therapy go mainstream

HP VR Sales Book

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