Open Mic Night


Ever wanted to sing, play an instrument, share a poem, tell a story, act out a skit, or tell a joke on a stage with a live audience? Every Monday night, you get the chance to share your talents, read your favorite writings, or simply just talk about the crazy stuff that happens in your life.

Original songs and writings are encouraged, but you can also search the web using your in-game browser to share your favorites. Got stage fright? Try opening your menu while on stage and you won't be able to see the audience.

Rules: Please be respectful of performers and speakers by muting yourself during the event. Keep off the stage at all times unless it is your turn. All participants: Line up at the left side of the stage (your view) when ready. Please wait to be called up to the stage. Each person gets approximately 7 minutes on stage. If you would like to go up again, please wait until all performers/speakers have had their opportunity.

Recording Disclaimer: By entering this event, you hereby irrevocably grant AltspaceVR and Microsoft and its affiliates, agents, and licensees, the right, but not the obligation, to photograph and record your avatar, likeness, voice, and/or username and to own, license, assign, and use the same (or any portion) in the production, exhibition, and promotion of the event, AltspaceVR or other Microsoft products and services without compensation, in any media and on any platform now known or hereafter devised (including the Internet) throughout the universe in perpetuity.  You waive the right to bring action of any kind in law or equity against Microsoft.
If you wish to not be recorded, simply leave the event. (But we hope you’ll stay!)