AltspaceVR is going away March 10. Join remaining events to discuss transition plans for Sci Tech Chat in Social VR. Search for "wareFLO" on VRchat to reconnect there! My profile on VRChat...

Science & Technology Chat in Social VR is a online meetup in virtual reality based in Albuquerque, New Mexico (tho our events are of general, not just local, interest). #SciTechChat meets at least once a month, but sometimes as much as every week, depending its host's arbitrary impulses. 😁 Via amazing 360 aerial drone photography we travel the world (virtually!), flying over famous cities and natural wonders while hanging out in custom 3D venues. From astonishing progress in medicine to whimsical drill-downs into potato science and pizza tech, from how batteries work to the latest archaeological discoveries, from climbing Mount Everest in VR to floating around inside the International Space Station, meet like-minded people and greet old friends while discussing our infinitely fascinatingly complex science and technology-based civilization! Subscribe to Sci Tech Chat (click that "Subscribe" button now!) to find out about all of the online social virtual reality events hosted by Chuck Webster, MD, MS (AI), MS (Systems Engineering), @wareflo on Twitter. Follow me on Twitter, let me know, and I WILL follow you back! While our scheduled events are not specifically about New Mexico, after each event please join Sci Tech Chat regulars and newbies in a 3D digital twin of our Albuquerque, New Mexico home for Piñon Coffee, biscochitos, and large helpings of red and/or green chile! Between events stop by to access past and upcoming draft Sci Tech Chat event content and worlds, as well as local New Mexico 3D maps, news, and tourism resources: Mirehaven Sci Tech Chat Hub. Note, New Mexico also has its fair share of sci-tech, with more PhDs per capita than any other state. Spaceport is the world's first commercial spaceport. Intel, the worlds largest semiconductor company, is based here. New Mexico is a world leader in hydrology (the study of the distribution and movement of water both on and below the Earth's surface, as well as the impact of human activity on water availability and conditions), with the first academic program in hydrology. Finally, if you've ever been tempted to visit American Southwest, you'll find plenty of maps (3D!) and tourism info in our Mirehaven Sci Tech Chat Hub World. You can contact Sci Tech Chat in Social VR’s host, Chuck Webster MD, at or via Twitter (my DMs are open!): @wareFLO. If you ever want to share or return to this webpage, here is a conveniently memorizable link: PS Some events may be experimental “hybrid” combinations of IRL-F2F (In-Real-Life-Face-To-Face) social events.


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